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Book: The Deutsch Affair

It’s a game of many unknowns – and also a gold mine if one is unscrupulous enough. Artworks plundered by the Nazis during WW2, vanished through dark channels. Until a painting re-emerges somewhere, to be sold for a prodigious price. A painting like El Greco’s Mount Sinai. Jewish solicitor Hans Deutsch represented the painting’s original owner in a lawsuit against Germany, just to be ground up and silenced by the mills of justice. But the time has finally come to shed light on the connections behind this perfidious campaign: networks of old Nazis and new right-wingers who deceive in the name of the state in the highest offices, ridiculing the victims and recklessly flouting lawful claims. What investigative journalist Burkhart List has found out is as exciting as a thriller. But it’s the bitter truth.

MaRec GbR.

The foundation of the company is in relation with the Publication of the book „The Deutsch Affair“. The research for this book led to the abysm of the major art robbery in the history of humanity, the art robbery of the Nazis.

The MaRec GbR is using this results from the investigations in a scientific research project to document the secretly storing in forgotten historical mines and underground bunker systems and to organize their recovery.

In the process MaRec uses long-standing connections with academically institutions and organizations. These scientific expertise are representing the preconditions to disclose preliminary latest not clarified chapters of the National Socialist tyranny in a historical correct and fact based way.

Together with US-American Partners we have been working on such a project in Germany since the company was founded in the current year. In due time the public will be informed about the progress of the project work.

Berlin, the 21th of December 2019  I   Burkhart List, CEO


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